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All Grace Alley Flags are Proudly Made in the USA using 100% American materials and made by American employees.

Our American Flags with Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes are made of Weather-Resistant, UV Protected SolarGuard® Durawavez Nylon with Colorfast Dyes and durable Brass Grommets.

Our Non-Embroidered American Flag is made of 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton to withstand the harsh outdoor elements and retain it's vibrant color, as well as heavy duty Brass Grommets.

Most residential customers fly a 3x5 FT American Flag, which pairs with our 6 FT Tangle-Free Flagpole. A 3x5 Flag can be used with Flagpoles from 6 FT to 20 FT.

Our 4x6 FT American Flag can be used with 25 FT Flagpoles.

Our 5x8 FT American Flag can be used with 30 FT Flagpoles.

Our 6x10 FT American Flag can be used with 35 FT Flagpoles.

The US Flag Code outlines rules for display and care of the United States of America's National Flag. We have published highlights of the US Flag Code here. We have also published a US Government overview of How to Display the American Flag here.

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